F(x)’s Luna Makes Broadway Debut In “KPOP” The Musical

f(x)’s Luna will star in the upcoming Broadway musical “KPOP”!

On March 30 local time, the producers of the new musical “KPOP” announced that Luna would be making her Broadway debut on the show later this year. After a successful off-Broadway run in 2017, “KPOP” opens on Broadway this fall.

While Luna has already made a name for herself as a musical actress in Korea, where she starred in numerous productions, her starring role in “KPOP” will mark her first-ever appearance in a Broadway musical.

In the personal announcement at the Korean Cultural Center in New York, Luna commented, “Anyone who has followed my career knows that musical theater has always been a driving passion of mine. Broadway represents the pinnacle of achievement in my profession, so it’s the honor of my life to be able to bring my culture to the fans who come here from all over the world to see a Broadway show.”

Meanwhile, producers Tim Forbes and Joey Parnes noted, “The driving force behind this production of ‘KPOP’ has always been to fuse the vibrant, upbeat and wildly entertaining world of K-pop with the powerful narratives of a Broadway musical. The result is something no one has ever seen on stage before, complete with epic production values, catchy songs, passion and heart. In the world of K-pop, no one embodies these elements better than Luna. We are excited to introduce the Broadway audience to one of the most exciting music superstars in the world.”

Preview performances of “KPOP” begin October 13 at New York’s Circle in the Square Theater, with the musical’s opening night taking place November 20.

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