Gable Steveson heads to WrestleMania as two-time NCAA champion

When WWE signed Gable Steveson as the centerpiece of their NIL program, the 21-year-old heavyweight wrestler was already an NCAA champion for the University of Minnesota and had excitingly won a gold medal in the Olympics. On Saturday (March 19), he completed his resume by defeating Arizona State’s Cohlton Schultz to claim his second straight NCAA title.

Then he left his boots on the mat.

After the moment, Steveson confirmed to ESPN that it indicated his retirement:

“It’s done. I knew what I was coming to do. I was going to win Olympic gold, win the national tournament again. It’s just weird. I don’t know how to describe it.”

Since he has already been called up for… Raw, his next step is pretty clear. Brock Lesnar’s protégé may have even ruined a debut date with this since the deleted tweet…

WWE is built on the arrival of a man they hope will be their next Next Big Thing with crowd shots and quick in-ring performances, like Steveson did at SummerSlam with fellow gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock —

— so if he’s doing something at the AT&T Stadium on April 2-3, it doesn’t necessarily have to be his first angle. But now that he’s finished his amateur career, it could be.

Excited to see what Gable can do in WWE?

UPDATING: Steveson told SI he’ll be with ‘Mania’, and he makes it sound like he’ll do more than smile and wave…

“I plan to go to WrestleMania. That’s the first time WWE fans see me and what I stand for. I’m going to put my heart out there.”

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