GamingShiba is a bridge between gamers, NFTs, the Metaverse and more

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Since the introduction of Web3, the world has looked different. Many people still take the time to understand how it works. On the other hand, others have quickly picked up on the various concepts and made the most of this opportunity. From talented creators and savvy investors to quality gamers, the blockchain has given opportunity to everyone.

The team of visionaries behind GamingShiba works extremely hard to bring talented individuals under one umbrella. They are building a crypto token intended to link gamers, streaming platforms and NFT/crypto enthusiasts together. Their goal is to deliver a unique and innovative game and streaming platform to their users.

In addition, they have worked to build a community of like-minded people who want to grow together. GamingShiba will enable many to buy and sell valuable NFTs and later convert their earnings into other NFTs. Many creatives also get the chance to make their debut through GamingShiba. This will help their collection reach the right niche.

As the name suggests, they are also working on the launch of an innovative game. Their talented team goes to great lengths to bring something remarkable and unique to the industry. This will be a game changer for the crypto gaming world. Completing this game will not only bring in an influx of income but also allow gamers to earn passive income through the earn-to-play initiative.

They have achieved many remarkable goals in such a short time. These also include gaining 90K followers on Twitter and building a remarkable streaming platform on the blockchain. GamingShiba is extremely proud of these achievements, but the team has also set its goals for the near future. They strive to create as many opportunities for gamers as possible. Their list also includes giving creators the chance to earn what they deserve.

To build a community, GamingShiba is willing to donate 7% of every transaction to Community Rewards. In addition, 5% will also go to PancakeSwap Liquidity. Growing the business further by partnering with MetaVerse gives their users the opportunity to find more opportunities to grow as well.

They are currently one of the most trending tokens on CoinMarketCap. They are also working on creating a bridge between gamers and streaming platforms, but they will reveal this once the project has reached 100,000 holders. They have already won over 45K+ and are growing every day. Obtaining a large number of holders is an achievement in itself.

Bringing modern technology together with innovative ideas, GamingShiba takes over the digital game industry step by step. The team of passionate and dedicated members has been able to push GamingShiba to success. They have much more potential to dominate in space and give creditable creators and talented players a chance to earn more passive income during these times.

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