Gary Lineker calls out Gary Neville on Twitter as Man Utd backfires spectacularly

Gary Neville took to social media on Monday morning after taking offense at the way Man United stars have behaved after a 1-0 humiliation by Atlético Madrid

Gary Lineker has berated Gary Neville for his Twitter tenth criticizing Manchester United players’ extracurricular activities after they were knocked out of the Champions League.

Neville took to social media on Monday morning after taking offense at the way the Red Devils stars have behaved after a 1-0 (2-1 overall) humiliation at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

The former Manchester United captain tweeted: “I remember a time when United players, managers and executives were not seen in their local Italian after a home draw, let alone knocked out of Europe. Concerts, Cricket and UFC events. This fate is Tone Deaf!”

Neville’s tweet immediately caught on, to which one of his followers replied: “These players are people, do you expect them to remain in their homes in seclusion? Expect better from someone who has been a player all these years.” To this the Sky Sports pundit replied: “I expect them to adapt to the conditions and go on holiday, but calm down!

Another follower then tweeted: “I think this is a little crazy that players aren’t allowed to live their lives outside of work. Not a great message to send.” And Neville replied again, “No, they are. They can go on vacation, relax, take time off.

“However, if you’ve been knocked out of the Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and teased in the League, I wouldn’t think it’s too much to ask to stay a little low!”

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Gary Neville lashed out at certain Man United stars’ behavior


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As more and more people poured in, Lineker took it upon herself to respond to Neville, pointing out that social media didn’t exist when they both graced football fields, making it easier for the average player to stay under the radar. “It’s true, they were mostly trying to stock up on the pub without everyone on social media spying on them,” he tweeted.

Neville hit back again: “I’m not sure if the spy has to work too hard in test matches, F1, boxing and UFC”, to which Lineker replied: “Do you really think that’s a problem? Watching other sports is always a thing been . Positive though.”

This prompted another response from Neville, who lashed out at Manchester United owner Avram Glazer for attending the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix.

“Of course watching other sports is no problem,” Neville tweeted. “However, do you think it looks good for the owner (who hasn’t been in Manchester for a while) to be with F1 and meet the Dubai elite about their sporting ambitions with United’s current situation?” Addition: “Wouldn’t you change your plans if you had suffered a heavy defeat as a player to maybe stay low?”

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