Germany calls for ‘early warning’ amid concerns over Russian gas supply cutoff

Germany announced an “early warning” on Wednesday that natural gas flows from Russia could soon be disrupted. Germany and Italy are both heavily dependent on Russian gas, and both countries have hinted that gas rations could be at stake if Russian sanctions lead to a halt in the flow of natural gas to the European Union. Germany’s ‘early warning’ is the first of three phases that could lead to rationing if supplies stagnate. Both countries have ample reserves, but German Economy Minister Robert Habeck is already urging people to cut consumption, saying on Wednesday that “every kilowatt hour counts”. He said the gas supply has been secured for the time being. “Nevertheless, we need to increase precautions to be prepared for an escalation on the part of Russia,” he said. “A crisis team has been convened with the announcement of the Early Warning Level.”

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