Governor Signs Law Making ‘Carolina Squat’ Illegal

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) — Governor Glenn Youngkin was in Lynchburg Monday morning and signed into Senate Bill 777, which bans “Carolina Squat” vehicle modifications from highways in Virginia.

The change raises a vehicle’s front bumper so that it rides higher than the rear.

The legislation was prompted by a fatal crash this year, and a vehicle modification contributed to that crash, according to the family of accident victim Jody “BJ” Upton, Jr.

“I am honored to be here today with BJ’s family, the officials who took swift action to move the legislation to my office to address the problem, and the law enforcement heroes who will enforce this new law and keep our roads and highways safer,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “Nothing can bring BJ back, but with faith, time and love we can begin to heal from the pain of losing him. But Virginia’s spirit is strong, and when Virginians see a problem, they come together and act.”

The law prohibits vehicles from driving on public roads if the front bumper is four inches or higher than the rear. It will be classified as a primary offense, allowing officers to stop a vehicle that is breaking the law.

“On February 16, a Virginian, BJ Upton, lost his life in a tragic car accident. Today, along with members of BJ Upton’s family, my colleagues in the General Assembly and law enforcement leaders, we took a crucial step forward to prevent even more lives from being lost to this dangerous truck modification. I am honored to have passed this bill and am grateful to Governor Youngkin and my colleagues for coming together in support of this important legislation,” said Senator Mark Peake (R-22), who introduced the bill.

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