How inflation is changing the way we shop

While these shifting buying habits are likely to cause some businesses to panic as they lose customers, other, perhaps less popular, brands are trying to take advantage of the situation by consistently stocking their products. The Wall Street Journal reports that, for example, JM Smucker, maker of Jif peanut butter and Folgers coffee, has been able to keep its products widely available and outperform competitors. Chief commercial and marketing officer Geoff Tanner told the Wall Street Journal, “There’s more to be had when you can perform better.”

But not every company is concerned. Kellogg, for example, which suffered a grain shortage due to supply chain problems and a worker strike, is confident it will regain lost customers if it can meet demand. Steven Cahillane, Kellogg’s CEO, assured listeners during a profit call that took place on Feb. 10, “We will see market share recover.” The company plans to focus on specific, high-performing brands first, and expects to restart in the second half of 2022.

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