How much did Manchester City spend on the squad? Team value and total transfer fee for current players

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Manchester City have some of the deepest pockets in world football and the club’s owners, including an entity run by Sheikh Mansour of the United Arab Emirates royal family, have spared little expense in attempting one of their own. to make the world’s most successful teams. The list of transfer fees paid for their current squad (below) is a clear sign of their ambition.

But the purchasing power of Man City owners City Football Group and the build-up of their network of clubs around the world have often come under scrutiny. Manchester City were even banned from European cup competitions in 2020 for alleged violations of Financial Fair Play rules, only for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to bring City back to life.

And just this year, a report by German publication Der Spiegel alleges that the Premier League has been investigating financial transactions involving underage players, possible disguised salary payments to a former manager and alleged inflated sponsorship deals.

Citizens themselves have insisted at every turn that they abide by the rules, though they have declined to comment specifically on the most recent reports.

All the questions and chatter haven’t stopped the Manchester City football staff from building one of the behemoths in world football. Coached by one of the greatest managers of all time, Pep Guardiola, they are chasing their fourth Premier League title in five seasons and a first UEFA Champions League crown. They still have a shot at both trophies, along with the English FA Cup in 2022.

Sporting News takes a closer look at Man City’s spending over the past decade, their most expensive transfers and how much their current side have cost as they continue to strive for greater glory on both the domestic and European fronts.

When did the current owners buy Manchester City?

Previously seen as a stable but unspectacular Premier League club, Manchester City changed the face of English football forever when it was acquired by the Abu Dhabi United Group on 1 September 2008.

The demise of the previous owner, the ex-Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra, has frozen his assets and left the Blues in a precarious financial position.

But Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his consortium moved in to acquire the club for more than $350 million (£210 million) and make Manchester City one of the biggest clubs in the world.

How much money have the owners of Manchester City spent?

Roughly speaking, Manchester City’s owners have spent an estimated $2 billion since the club’s acquisition in 2008.

Many high profile names have graced the Etihad Stadium, starting with the former Real Madrid man Robinho† The same day the Abu Dhabi United Group changed the club’s football stratosphere, the Brazilian was acquired from Real Madrid in a shocking transfer worth up to $60 million (£38.7 million), which was a British transfer record at the time.

As for similar high-profile additions in the early years of City’s rise, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero were both raked in for a handsome $40 million (£27 million) and $56 million (£36 million) a year, eventually perishing as modern day legends at the club.

To get to the more dazzling sums of money the Blues have spent over the past ten years, you have to fast forward a few seasons.

It’s unbelievable that 10 players broke the £50m mark when they signed for Manchester City, all acquired since the 2015-16 campaign. In that year, Raheem Sterling came over from Liverpool for a fee of $70 million (£57 million), making him the most expensive player transfer in history at the time.

Kevin De Bruyne later reached that figure, exchanging Wolfsburg for Manchester in the same campaign, in a deal worth $83 million (£68.4 million), making him the second most expensive conquest in the club’s history to date . Riyadh MahreziRuben Daysand Joao Cancelo come just behind the Belgian superstar to make up the top five with their three combined fees totaling over $220 million (£180 million).

Last but certainly not least, Jack Grealish is the first City player to be bought for more than £100million, coming over from boys’ club Aston Villa in the summer of 2021. At $129 million (£105.75 million), Grealish is the most expensive transfer in British football history.

How much did Manchester City’s current squad cost?

Overall, Manchester City’s current squad cost $1.1 billion (£895 million) to put together, making it one of the most expensive rosters in world football.

The list of player acquisition costs is arranged in order of transfer fee as reported by Transfermarkt.

Player Transfer costs
($ millions)
Transfer costs
(£ million)
By Year
J. Grealish $129.25 £105.75 Aston Villa Aug 2021
K. De Bruyne $83.6 £68.40 VfL Wolfsburg Aug 2015
R. Days $74.8 £61.20 Benfica September 2020
R. Mahrez $74.58 £61.02 Leicester City July 2018
J. Cancel $71.5 £58.50 Juventus Aug 2019
A. Laporte $71.5 £58.50 Athletic Bilbao Jan. 2018
R. Sterling $70.1 £57.33 Liverpool july 2015
Rodric $68.97 £56.43 Atletico Madrid july 2019
B. Mendy
$63.2 £51.75 AS Monaco july 2017
J. Stones $61.2 £50.04 Everton Aug 2016
K. Walker $57.97 £47.43 Tottenham july 2017
B. Silva $55 £45 AS Monaco july 2017
N. Ake $49.8 £40.77 Bournemouth Aug 2020
Fernandinho $44 £36 Shakhtar Donetsk July 2013
Ederson $44 £36 Benfica july 2017
G. Jesus $35.2 £28.80 palm trees Jan. 2017
I. Gundogan $29.7 £24.30 Borussia Dortmund july 2016
Z Steffen $7.5 £6.14 Columbus crew july 2019
O. Zinchenko $2.2 £1.8 Ufa july 2016
P. Foden Academy Academy N/A N/A
C. Palmer Academy Academy N/A N/A
S. Carson free transfer free transfer Derby County July 2021
TOTAL $1.1 billion £895 million

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