How Ryan Michelle Bathé and Sterling K. Brown Juggle Work and Family Life

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Balancing motherhood and a Hollywood career is no small feat, especially if your partner is also an actor.

That is the case for Ryan Michelle Bathewho currently stars in NBC’s action thriller series the endgame as quick-witted FBI agent Val Turner.

She explained in an exclusive interview with E! News that one minute she’s “running around town” filming, the next she’s patiently waiting for video updates from her two sons, whose father has been her husband for 15 years, Sterling K. Brown

“They’re the best little things in the world,” Ryan said about Andrew10, and i will love, 6. “I could go on and on about them, but they’re awesome. And I’m super super proud of how they dealt with me while I was gone. They handled it better than me I guess.” The home of the family is LA; the endgame shoot in New York.

Now at the end of shooting season one of the endgamethe actress said she is looking forward to going home and reuniting with her children.

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