Hudder falters Phil Tippett’s experimental animated film – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Shudder has locked the rights to the critically acclaimed feature crazy god, directed by two-time Academy Award-winning artist, animator and filmmaker Phil Tippett. The experimental animated project 30 years in the making will hit limited theaters June 16 and debut on AMC Network’s premium service at a genre fare.

In crazy god, a corroded diving bell descends amid a ruined city, with an Assassin emerging to explore a labyrinth of bizarre landscapes inhabited by erratic residents. The inspiration for the film came from Tippett, whose VFX work has been featured in such legendary films as Star WarsRoboCop and Spaceship Troopersduring a lull in his schedule next RoboCop 2

After sketching and designing a few creatures and sets, he and his stage and stop-motion team at Tippett Studio shot the first few scenes of the film, after which work on the project was paused to focus on creating the groundbreaking effects for Jurassic Park† Some 20 years later, several of Tippett’s leading performers and supervisors stumbled upon original puppets and sets from those early recordings. Trained primarily on computers, this new generation of artists revisited the original images and models, eager to learn from Tippett and help revive his long-abandoned film.

Along with a volunteer crew, Tippett taught a new generation of artists and craftsmen while bringing his labor of love to life. Part-funded by legions of backers on Kickstarter, the first few parts of the film were made over months and years, supported by the crowdfunding platform. In return, donors got early access to the images, as well as keepsakes from the making of each chapter. Tippett completed the final scenes as the world protected itself from a global pandemic, in 2020.

crazy god made its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and was subsequently exhibited at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival and Sitges Film Festival, among others. Tippett wrote the script and produced the film, with Sanjay Das, Colin Geddes, Katarina Gligorijevic, Gary Mundell, Jules Roman and Joshua Sobel producing exec, and Jack Morrissey co-producing.

“Basically, Phil Tippett is a genius, and there’s no better home for him and his visionary mind than Hudder,” said Craig Engler, the streamer’s general manager. “We’re proud to be able to bring this timeless film that is sure to please our members.”

“It’s been over 30 years, but thanks to the team at Tippett Studio, we’ve finally made the dream a reality,” adds Tippett. “I am proud to partner with Shudder on the release of crazy godand it is an honor that my original vision can now be shared with audiences across the country.”

Other recent projects from Tippett’s full-service animation and visual effects production company, Tippett Studio, include: Boba Fett’s book and Disney+’s second season The MandalorianNetflix’s second season Lock & Keyand Marvel Studios The Falcon and the Winter Soldier† Projects currently in the works include the highly anticipated third season of The Orville Black Adam and Showtime’s The Man Who Fell to Earth† While it recently moved into content production for themed entertainment and partnered with several international brands, it has also rolled out a series of NFTs based on Tippett’s portfolio of artwork on his SuperRare profile page.

Emily Gotto brokered the deal for crazy god on behalf of Shudder, with Peter Kaufman of Kaufman Abdel-Aal LLP on behalf of Tippett Studio.

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