“I Waved the Flag in Metallica for Steven Wilson” – Rob Trujillo raves about Porcupine Tree founder

“I had been communicating with Nick Beggs about a movie we’re making… [Weather Report bassist] Jaco Pastorius [Jaco was released in 2014]† He told me he was working with Steven Wilson. I had heard of Steven, but I was not familiar with his solo work. So he said they’d be in LA at the House Of Blues, and would I like to come? I came down not knowing what to expect and I came out a different person! It was really amazing and inspiring, and it creatively hit a place in me that was really powerful.

“One of my friends is a drummer named Brooks Wackerman [from SoCal punks Bad Religion]† He is a fan of Porcupine Tree. The second time I went to see Steven Wilson with my wife, all the way in the nosebleed seats at Club Nokia, there is another drummer, not Marco. I’m like, ‘Wow, that guy looks like a Wackerman!’ And it was Brooks’ brother Chad! That show was on another level. I saw the video production, the animations… it was a huge moment for me. The collaboration with [animator] Jess Cope is really special. In a positive way, I’m almost jealous – I wish we had a collaborator like that for Metallica. It sounds crazy, but I love that stuff, and I’m a huge fan of Pink Floyd and they use that visual side really well. When I saw The Raven… live, I had tears in my eyes, it was so powerful. Steven has definitely opened that door for me again.

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