Iconic Fan Art Unites Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman

Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader from The Batman and Tyler Hoechlin’s Last Son of Krypton from Superman & Lois come together in this stunning fan art.

While their respective portrayals of the characters populate different realities, a piece of fan art brought together Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight from the batter and Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel from Superman & Lois

Artist spdrmnkyxxiii shared the piece on Instagram. The artwork sees the Caped Crusader and the Last Son of Krypton side by side, while an amalgam of the two DC heroes’ decals can be seen at the bottom. In the description, the artist wrote only “World’s finest”, the phrase commonly used to describe the DC duo.

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While the piece sees Pattinson’s Batman side by side with another superhero, the actor himself discussed why Superman was there the batterthe world would be a problem earlier this year. “I like the idea of ​​trying to figure out how to… We’ve talked about how to get the fantastic elements, because [director and co-writer Matt Reeves’] world, his view of it is so grounded, and I’m like, ‘How can you add…?'” Pattinson said. But he just doesn’t have any powers? He’s just a man with a cape?’ He’s like, ‘I’m Superman!’ And they say, ‘So?'” Ironically, the prequel novel For the Batman: An Original Movie Novel (The Batman) confirmed that Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor, exists in that world.

While Batman may not meet other heroes in the reality of his latest movie, Reeves had put forward his intention to create a Batverse, saying, “You don’t tell a story and go, ‘This is Chapter 1’ because you might not in chapter 2. So the story had to stand on its own,” Reeves said. “But the point is that the Bat world is so rich in character that when you start to get to one end, you can already start thinking about the next one. Because the idea, of course, is that Gotham’s story never ends. ” It was previously reported that Reeves did not want to the batter in the DCEU.

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Instead of, the batter will launch a Penguin spin-off on HBO Max, in which Colin Farrell will reprise his role as the Gentleman of Crime. Reeves also revealed that he was talking to “the HBO Max folks” about making a Catwoman spin-off. “What we’re really trying to do is launch this world,” Reeves noted. “When the world embraces this, we have a lot of ideas for things we want to do, and we definitely want Selina [Kyle] Get on.”

the batter is now in cinemas. Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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