If Jasprit Bumrah wants to have long career, he needs to work on his run-up and action, reckons Michael Holding

Michael Holding has made a bold statement on Jasprit Bumrah, saying the Indian must work on his run-up and bowling action in order to ‘have a long career.’ Bumrah, who missed the Asia Cup, has been ruled out of the ongoing South Africa series and is doubtful for the upcoming T20 World Cup as well.

Ever since Jasprit Bumrah has been ruled out of the ongoing South Africa T20Is due to a back stress fracture, there has been continuous discussion regarding the fitness of India’s talismanic speedster. Many have opined that Bumrah should work on his bowling action to remain fit in the times to come, while some have suggested that the BCCI must manage his workload in order to get his best version. West Indies icon Michael Holding, widely regarded as one of the fiercest pacers of all time, came up with his thought around Bumrah and the other fast bowlers in a recent conversation with the Sportstar.

Keeping Bumrah’s unorthodox bowling action in mind, Holding highlighted how it needs to be changed for the long run of India’s leading fast bowler.

“I wouldn’t be able to say that Bumrah’s action has caused him to have stress fractures as I have no idea where those stress fractures have occurred, but what I know and have said to him is this: If he wants to have a long career, he needs to have a run-up and action that puts a bit less stress on his body overall,” Holding said, as quoted by the Sportstar.

“Using such a short run and being so explosive at the crease puts a lot more stress on his body than, say, a Joffra Archer, who has such a smooth rhythmical run-up and action that allows him to distribute the workload over his body more efficiently.”

Further, Holding opined any fast bowler, who regularly goes to the gym, must remain focused on how his bowling can be improved, instead of building a strong physique.

“I have no problem with fast bowlers going to the gym. It’s a matter of managing what is done in the gym. You need strength to bowl fast along with stamina work of course, but the strengthening in the gym has to be managed and the programme has to be set out by someone who understands the job of fast bowling and not just by someone looking to create a Hulk,” Holding concluded. 

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