Inspirational South London moms who deserve praise this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a traditional celebration in honor of the women who raised us – whether that be a mother, grandmother, sister, guardian or whoever you may be a maternal figure.

Mother’s Day celebrations can, of course, also be extended to the men in our lives — those who have taken on the combined role of mom and dad.

South London is home to many remarkable, inspiring people who are making a difference, big or small.

Over the past three months, Newsquest South London has spoken to some incredible mothers, or maternal figures, who deserve the highest praise this Mother’s Day.

Below is a wonderful selection of stories to read on this traditional day:

1. Mom raises thousands for cruel genetic condition daughter 7 battles every day

A mother from Chislehurst has raised money and spread awareness about a genetic condition her daughter battles every day.

Bonnie Jackson has become the London Regional Coordinator for Annabelle’s Challenge – a UK charity for Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Since Bonnie has partnered with the charity, Bonnie has raised thousands by attending schools, completing half marathons, singing carols and holding collection buckets – all to raise money for this incredible charity.

Read Bonnie’s story here

2. Bromley grandma celebrates 100th birthday with second time Covid

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Sometimes our grandmothers can be the best role models for us.

A great-grandmother from Bromley recently celebrated her 100th birthday at a care home in Bexleyheath – all while coping with her second round of covid.

Edith – who turned 100 on March 23, has eight grandchildren and eighteen great-grandchildren.

Edith’s son, Jeffery, says his mother “always puts everyone before herself, as she always has”.

He added: “She always got up and made a cup of tea for everyone and told you to just sit down.

“She’s such a sweet mother and she always has been.”

Read Edith’s story here

3. Barnes’ mother wants to give up four-year-old daughter’s room to receive Ukrainians

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This particular mother has looked into living out of one room, husband and two children to provide a safe home for refugees fleeing Russian violence.

Bridget Schmidt, 44, hopes to go to Budapest in April to help refugees on train platforms if her help is still needed.

Her four-year-old daughter Eloise is on board and has even donated her Barbies and her favorite teddy bear to Ukrainian children.

Read the story here

4. Greenwich paramedic, 32, dies suddenly as London Ambulance Service pays heartfelt tribute

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Mother’s Day is also a great time to reflect on the incredible caring figures we’ve lost – like Carla Gray, a Greenwich paramedic and mother of two.

The newly qualified paramedic, 32, is remembered by the service as a devoted colleague.

Carla is described as a popular member of the team and is praised for her caring nature and dedication.

She would always be there for her colleagues and work hard to become a fully qualified paramedic.

Read the tribute here

5. Clapham Mama ‘Shaping Future’ of Hospitality on International Women’s Day

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A mother and businesswoman says, “Doing your best attracts incredible people” as she continues to run a family-run pizzeria.

Charmaine Wasif was just nine years old when her parents, Sami and Laura, took over Brixton restaurant Pizzeria Franco in 1989.

Now a director of Eco Restaurants & Leisure Group and a working mother, Charmaine takes charge of the business of the family business – which she has helped build since 2003.

Read Charmaine’s story here

6. ‘My ADHD is my superpower,’ says Bromley’s mother who ran five marathons in two weeks

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After being diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago, a Bromley mom decided to raise money for mental health by walking 131 miles in less than two weeks.

Cassandra Baker was first diagnosed with ADHD just over three years ago – and since then she has become a mental health advocate and aspires to ‘radiate positivity’ in South East London.

Cassandra has raised thousands of pounds during the lockdown for multiple charities including the Little Princess Trust Fundraiser, the NHS, the Mental Health Foundation and more recently she has raised hundreds to help the children in Ukraine.

Read the touching story of Cassandra . here

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