Ivanka Trump Launches New Image-Rehab Tour With Ukrainian Refugees

The Trump administration was tough on many people, but none more than Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. While it is true that millions of Americans were negatively affected by Donald TrumpJared and Ivanka’s policies—from the irreparably traumatized children separated from their parents to the hundreds of thousands who died from a virus he lied to the public about— to dream had tripped. If you’re unfamiliar with that shared dream, turning their ambiguous White House job into her becoming the first female president was a fantasy they reportedly really harbored after mutually deciding it made more sense. would be for Ivanka to be for the office about Jared, as if that were something that needed serious sorting out.

Unfortunately for the couple, the Trump administration’s conclusion involved a violent coup attempt by people Ivanka initially called “patriots.” That not only put a damper on those presidential ambitions, but made the duos pariahs in non-MAGA circles, with a former friend of Ivanka describing them to Vanity Fair‘s Emily Jane Fox as some of “the worst, most toxic people in American history.” So the two have largely kept quiet since moving to Florida from Washington, although it seems recently that Ivanka has embarked on an image rehab tour, presumably with the hopes of making people forget the years 2016-2021.

Last Friday, for example, the former first daughter returned to social media for the first time since January, posting a breathtaking video on Monday informing her followers that she had helped send more than a million meals to Ukrainians suffering from the Russian invasion.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

A day later, she posted not one, not two, but seven photos of herself helping hand out meals to families affected by tornadoes in New Orleans.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site from which it originated.

She has crossposted both piece of news to Twitter.

It is clear that providing assistance to refugees and other victims is a good thing to be welcomed, but if the guard‘s Arwa Mahdawi notes, “it’s easy to be cynical about a Trump’s charity; quid pro quo seems to be the family motto,” and it would be nice if the former first daughter could do something selfless without making sure everyone knows about it. Meanwhile, it is not clear that Ivanka was concerned about the plight of the Ukrainians when her father threatened to withhold aid to their country unless the president dug up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. All we can remember her saying on the matter was that the Democrats who blamed him for his “perfect” phone call were jealous losers.

Incidentally, these humanitarian actions come as Ivanka and her family fight not to be impeached in a fraud case, and the New York Attorney General’s office says it has “considerable evidence” of fraud perpetrated by the Trump Organization. But we’re sure that has nothing to do with her recent photos.

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