Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dramatic transformation stuns ‘9-1-1’ fans on Instagram

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9-1-1 fans, tonight is the night Jennifer Love Hewitt returns as former emergency call center Maddie Buckley.

Since the fall, viewers of the Fox drama have been on the edge of their seats awaiting news about Maddie after she abruptly left. Now, season 5 of 9-1-1 is coming back with new episodes, and Jennifer’s character will be making her long-awaited return. While there aren’t many details on how things will go Monday night, she will certainly have to answer a few questions from her loved ones, including Chimney (Kenneth Choic

But before Maddie faces the music in 9-1-1Spring Premiere, Jennifer changes her look just because. On March 15, she posted a selfie to Instagram wearing a light brown wig that she came across while scrolling social media. “Hey, so today I wanted to have some fun and celebrate a great company I found on [TikTok] and [Instagram]† @wigsbytiffani,” Jennifer captioned the photo.

“Turning into Penny was just what I needed today! Go check out her amazing hair! ❤️❤️,” she continued, referring to the name of the wig.

After seeing Jennifer swap her signature dark hair for a lighter shade, many fans showed their appreciation for her transformation in the comments section. †[YOU] LOOK SO GOOD,” wrote one person. “I LOVE THIS!! I must have a wig now!” added another.”Beautiful as always! ❤️✨”, said another fan.

In case of 9-1-1 fans are still wondering if Jennifer didn’t show off this new look in the second half of Season 5. In February, the Fox procedural show released a 40-second trailer teasing more on- and off-duty emergencies. In the clip, viewers can catch a glimpse of Maddie for a moment. Fortunately, in an exclusive interview for the show, Jennifer shared what people get to see. But she left out some key details about Maddie and Chimney’s relationship.

“Maddie’s return to the show won’t disappoint,” she said† “You get the answers you want. The public will know why she left, why she stayed away, where she’s been, what she’s been up to. As for Maddie and Chimney, if they’ll be together, I don’t know.”

We can’t wait to watch!

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