Jesus Crown-Wearing Kendrick Lamar Rips Roe Ruling at Glastonbury

Parodying Jesus, American rapper Kendrick Lamar launched into a tirade, saying “Godspeed for women’s rights,” alluding to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade, while performing at Glastonbury on Sunday.

Kendrick Lamar, an award-winning rapper from the United States, launched what has been described as an “attack” on the court ruling which found that there is no constitutional right to an abortion while dressed up like Jesus Christ with a jewel-encrusted crown of thorns.
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According to a report by broadcaster BBC News, the rapper concluded his performance at the major UK music festival by chanting “Godspeed for women’s rights. They judge you, they judge Christ,” while fake blood dripped from his head.

This has been interpreted by multiple publications as an attack on the major U.S. court decision on abortion, with Sky News describing Lamar’s stunt as an “attack” on the ruling.

Lamar conducted the performance while wearing a white shirt and a crown of thorns, which Vogue has reported is made out of titanium and over 8,000 pavé diamonds.

“The crown is a godly representation of hood philosophies told from a digestible youthful lens,” said one of the people behind the crown.

While Lamar’s act on Sunday could perhaps be described as the most bizarre protest against the Supreme Court decision to repeal Roe v. Wade, it most certainly was not the only one coming from America’s celebrity class.

Countless members of Hollywood elites emerged from the woodwork to condemn Friday’s ruling throughout the weekend, with the likes of George Takei, Whoopi Goldberg, Seth MacFarlane and Taylor Swift all attacking the decision.

However, while the Roe v. Wade ruling has been dominating the headlines, abortion was not the only political cause being marketed at Glastonbury over the weekend.

For example, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the concert on Friday urging concertgoers to support his country’s war effort against Russia.

While described as a “surprise” address by The Times, the President has been frequently doing this sort of message at both political and cultural events, even showing up at the Grammys to drum up support.

Also present at the festival was climate activist Greta Thunberg, who turned up at the event to preach “climate justice” at the mostly middle-class crowd.

She also took the opportunity to attack Western politicians for not being green enough, despite the fact that many countries in Europe and beyond are now suffering dire economic and social consequences born at least partly of their desire to make their economies greener.

It should also be noted that, perhaps coincidentally, Thunberg actually has a new book scheduled to come out this autumn that she hopes will become the go-to source for information on the climate.

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