Joan Collins says ‘young men’ are suffering from a rise in ‘anti-masculinity’ in the wake of #MeToo

Joan Collins Wants To Know: “What’s Wrong With Actress?”

The 88-year-old asked in a recent interview: New York Times reporter, seemingly insinuating that current culture prefers more gender-neutral terms. ‘What’s wrong with Mother? What’s wrong with wife? Girl? I don’t like that word being taken away.”

“I’m very proud to be a woman,” said Collins, who identifies as a feminist, adding, “People say, ‘You didn’t burn your bra, you’re wearing lipstick.’ So what?” adding, “I believe that women are equal to men in every way except physical strength.”

The stubborn star, whose documentary, This is Joan Collinswhich premiered on the BBC earlier this year, went on to say there has been a rise of “anti-masculinity” in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

“Unfortunately, I think young men now suffer from being labeled toxicly masculine,” she explained, “because of this rise of anti-masculinity.”

The actress was also candid about allegedly having been sexually abused by powerful Hollywood executives in the past — all things that “happened to girls” at the time.

“They’re all bad memories that I don’t want to relive,” she said.

About her early reputation as “promiscuous,” Collins noted, “I had many boyfriends, but consecutively. And I would sleep with some of them. Not at the same time. I think I was ahead of my time because women didn’t.”

Though Collins’ beauty has been revered for decades, she claims she’s only tried Botox once: “I screamed and left the surgery,” she said.

Joan Collins attends the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party with husband, theatrical producer Percy Gibson. (Photo by Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Of course, Collins has always been honest about her take on Hollywood’s beauty standards, especially when it comes to plastic surgery.

Last year, in an interview with the daily mail, she discussed everyone from the Kardashian family to Linda Evans.

“Kris Jenner, their mom, is a good friend of mine and I don’t want to be rude about her kids, but there are an awful lot of surgeries out there and I’ve talked about it with my friends, as I’m sure you have, the bottoms, the small waists,’ she gossiped.

Collins said about her former Dynasty co-star Evans, with whom she has had a stormy relationship over the years, “Should you ignore someone if they come in with duct tape on their eyelid?” She continued, noting that “each of the other actors said, ‘What do you think she did?'”

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