Judge orders Jordan Young to be released

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — The man injured in a shooting involving officers was released from police custody Monday. He had remained in custody while he was recovering from his injuries in hospital.

Jordan Young was gunned down on January 24 by an Albany cop. Police were initially called to Morris Street for a report of a home invasion involving a gun. They said they stopped the 32-year-old on New Scotland Avenue as part of the investigation into the break-in when they said they saw him holding a knife to his dog’s throat.

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins said three shots were fired in the area of ​​the man’s torso and a taser was deployed. The officer who fired his weapon did not have a taser. Police have released bodycam footage of the incident showing Young running toward an officer while holding a knife.

Young was released on his own admission Monday after a judge ruled he poses no flight risk as he continues to recover at Albany Medical Center. A judge had previously refused bail in February.

Young faces an imminent charge. His family and community activists dispute the officers’ claims about what happened that night. The Albany Community Police Review Board continues its investigation into the shooting.

“This is a continuation of trying to work things out and make sure things go the way we want them to go according to Proposition Seven,” board chairman Nairobi Vives previously told NEWS10.

Proposal Seven gives the board the opportunity to conduct an investigation with limited powers of summons. Among the evidence they’ve requested is a digital reconstruction of the night’s events, including electronic records from Young’s cell phone and access to police accounts from what led to the decision to shoot Young.

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