Kate Mara and David Lowery produce documentary ‘The Smell Of Money’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Primetime Emmy nominee Kate Mara and The Green Knight filmmaker David Lowery has embarked on Shawn Bannon’s documentary, the smell of money, which centers around Elsie Herring and her community in North Carolina as they take on the multibillion-dollar pork industry, which has been spraying animal waste on their homes and land for decades.

The photo, written by Jamie Berger, will premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival and the Hot Docs Film Festival.

Bannon also producers. Michelle Cho serves as associate producer.

A century after her grandfather claimed his freedom from slavery, Haring and her rural North Carolina community are fighting the world’s largest pork company for their freedom to enjoy clean air, pure water, and a life without the stench of sh**.

As she sat on her porch on a sunny day in the 1980s, she felt drops descending on her – but a disgusting smell made it clear that it wasn’t rain getting on her skin and clothes. The farmer next door had started spraying pig waste into the air to empty the manure pit on his farm, a practice he and thousands of other North Carolina pig farmers continue to this day.

It was then that Herring decided to take on the pork industry along with other North Carolina residents affected by the pollution. For decades, she and her colleagues have signed petitions, contacted elected officials, and even testified before Congress — to no avail. They took on the world’s largest pork company and its founder Wendell Murphy, who used his power as a state legislator to pave the way for the industry’s explosive growth. The smell of pig waste, he says, is the smell of money. Thanks to Murphy, East North Carolina now has the highest concentration of industrial livestock farms in America, possibly in the world.

Mona Lisa Wallace, owner of a small-town law firm, could never have imagined the struggle she found herself in when she signed on to represent Herring and her associates before about 500 other North Carolina residents in 26 lawsuits against Murphy’s firm in a nine year period. fight.

Bannon’s films have been screened at the Sundance Film Festival, AFI Fest, The Atlantic, Forbes and on BBC America. His short films, Hurricane Heroes, Bloody Barbara and A Ghost Story – 10 pages, are all selected for Vimeo Staff Picks. His most recent film, The Green Knight documentary, was made for A24 and is now available on iTunes.

Lower’s The Green Knight was a bright spot during the pandemic at the special box office, grossing over $17 million. His directing credits include Disney+’s Peter Pan & WendyRobert Redford’s swan song on the big screen The old man and the gun, A ghost story with Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, Disney’s live-action Pete’s Dragon, and another Rooney Mara-Casey Affleck reteam Are they not saints of the body?

Kate Mara Received a Primetime Emmy Guest Actress in a Drama Series Nomination for Netflix’s House of cards in 2014. She recently starred in the Sundance Film Festival premiere, call Jan, and in the upcoming movie Ghost Writer. Other feature credits include: The Martian, Chappaquiddick, 127 Hours, We Are Marshall and Brokeback Mountain. On the TV side, Mara received critical acclaim for her turn on FX’s limited series, A teacher, and also played in Pose, American horror story season 1, and 24.

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