Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline Reportedly Break Up

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Kenan Thompson and Christina Evangeline split after more than a decade of marriage, TMZ reports.

In a piece submitted Thursday morning, the publication quoted sources as claiming the two have been “informally separated and co-parenting their two children for over a year”. While no divorce proceedings have yet taken place, TMZ adds that such formalities are expected to take place at some point.

The two tied the knot in 2011 at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

In his eponymous NBC sitcom, Thompson, which appeared in the Home alone franchise entry Home Sweet Home Alone-plays a widowed father of two daughters. In February 2021 Tonight Show interview, making history SNL star joked that Evangeline “didn’t like” the widower aspect of the plot.

“She was like, ‘Oh, so I’m dead?'” Thompson said, per People† “But I mean, she just gave me a hard time. But I thought, ‘Yeah… it’s not you, see what I mean? It’s a performance. It’s something else.’” In another kenan-promotional interview around the same time, this time on the Today show, the comedian and actor explained that the NBC series only reflects part of its reality.

“Everything else is kind of a creative freedom, if you will, like my relationship with my father-in-law is really great and my wife, thank goodness she’s still with me,” he explained.

Neither Kenan nor Christina have publicly commented on Thursday’s claims of an impending divorce.

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