Keri Hilson Reminds Fans That Justin Helped Timberlake With Her Hit Single “Slow Dance”

In 2009, Keri Hilson released her debut studio album ‘In A Perfect World’. The album went on to hit a couple of charts, including “Slow Dance.”

Recently, Keri ran into Justin Timberlake at Timbaland’s 50th birthday party, and she took the time to give Justin his flowers for his musicianship and his writing skills, including on one of her biggest hits.

In a post shared on her Instagram, Keri and JT got together to talk about how his freestyle of lyrics helped Keri complete the song. She said in her subtitles“Did you know? I had just turned up this fire of the Royal Court number when JT dropped by my session to say a random night in VA. He started freestyling this legendary gem… really sexy and Prince-esque in his falsetto. All I had to do was finish writing it, work out the arrangements (which I brought in @jimbeanzofficial) and completely perform it. Forever grateful. Love this one man. So good to be back together and reminisce.”

Keri then went on to share a text message between her and JT where he continued to talk about how great a “Slow Dance” record is to this day.

Keri then stepped into The Shade Room’s commentary section to continue giving JT his flowers, adding: “JT has always been a genuine and sincere person… a soulful being. As sweet and humble as they come. And an fkn genius. I’ve seen him write enough records to say that. Happy to give him his flowers on that pen game (like he needs more) Forever grateful for this cult classic. Or just classic. Whatever you prefer!”

Keri, who has also written several hit singles for other artists, followed up her debut with her second studio album, “No Boys Allowed,” in 2010.

Fans have been waiting for Keri to drop ever since new music

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