Khloé Kardashian BLOWS Mom Shamers Criticizing Her ‘Ridiculous’ Red Carpet Walk With Daughter True Thompson!

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People will really find anything and everything to complain about!

And for better or worse, Khloe Kardashian has consistently shown that she claps back when she feels like it Twitter Trolls and online bullies are getting too rowdy about the reality TV star and her family! (Whether she’s right or not, honestly!)

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This time it’s about Khloé’s supposedly “ridiculous” (?!?!) behavior on the red carpet during Thursday’s El Lay premiere of her famous fam’s. hulu series The Kardashians† As we reported, the KarJenner family stepped out in style on Thursday night, showing off their new streaming project and getting attention along the way.

Khloé in particular was stunning – and so was her 3-year-old daughter! The revenge body host stepped on the carpet with her beautiful baby girl True Thompson, and the pair came color-coordinated in gorgeous gold attire. Very cute!

Along the way, Khlo Money kept True close to her, picked her up and held her tight as the mother-daughter duo joined the rest of the fam for the evening’s showing. Video shared via social media also showed the adorable child and her proud mother up close as you can see HERE

Other clips showed True in Khloé’s arms spending precious time on the carpet with Travis Barker‘s bread:

Looks cozy, right?! So sweet! And so heartwarming! … But not everyone thought so.

Once images of Thursday night’s red carpet event hit social media, fans haters inevitably had something to say about Khloé’s habit of carrying the little girl around in her arms.

One charitable tweeter commented so much (below):

“She constantly wears True omg lol…”

Others have added more opinions about Tristan Thompson‘s ex-partner who showed up at the premiere with True in her arms, like this tweet also posted on the holding:

“Khloe should tell the truth and let her shine on the red carpet in style, with her ridiculous look”

Wait, what’s wrong?! First off, for the record, Khloé was NOT holding True during the entire red carpet event. The former late night radio DJ had the girl walking across the carpet at various points, and there are plenty of images to show that.

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But also… are these people parents? Have they ever taken a child to a red carpet? Even for an adult it can be an overwhelming experience! Sometimes children need that extra comfort!

That was Khloé’s take on this whole thing. On Friday morning, in response to critics calling her out for the apparent sin of holding her child (!), the reality TV maven tweeted (below):

“For the people who say I’m holding True too much… number 1 I’m going to hold my baby until I can’t hold her anymore. Number 2 when there are tons of cameras around, lights flashing, beepers screaming things… I want my baby to feel safe. Worry about your own children. We’re good here”


There is already too much mom shaming on the internet. And Khloé herself has often been the victim of that terrible energy!

So good for her to call it when the rumble started this time!

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[Image via E! News/YouTube/Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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