Kid Rock Leads ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Cheer at Nashville Bar – OutKick

Ahead of Kid Rock’s highly anticipated interview with: Fox’s Tucker Carlsonairing tonight at 8 p.m., outspoken rocker Carlson treated himself to a night out at his Nashville bar and gave his patrons a spontaneous spin on the mic.

Before the American Badass, who considers himself uncashable according to OutKick’s Sam Amico, treated the awe-inspiring crowd to some familiar firecrackers, he had a few words for President Biden and asked the crowd to join in.

As the audience serenaded Rock and Carlson with chants of “USA, USA, USA,” Rock asked, “So we’re not going to do ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ are we?”

Of course, the audience understood the hint and reacted accordingly.

“Let’s go Brandon,” the crowd chanted, tapping over and over as a grinning Kid Rock took it all in.

(photos and video c/o @ozarkoasis)

As Carlson’s interview teases, Rock isn’t the least bit concerned about negative feedback.

“I don’t care,” Kid Rock told Carlsonlater adding, “I’m not in bed with big business stuff. At the end of the day, I’m under no obligation to anyone.”

Though he shared the spotlight on Rock’s unannounced gig, Carlson left the MC duties to the Detroit Cowboy and clearly enjoyed the show.

As if Carlson were any more relaxed, he’d be a Winston puffin, drinking a four-oh.

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