Kim Kardashian’s Look on “Ellen” Is Proof She’s Completely Changed Since Kanye West’s Split

Finally, Kim is legally single – and it looks like she’s never been happier.

Legally single and living her best life, Kim Kardashian is back!

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As you probably know, it was a pretty turbulent year for Kim. After they filed to split from Kanye West in February 2021, their messy divorce proceedings only got more complicated as time went on.

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But her request to formally end their marriage was finally approved by the court earlier this month, marking a huge turning point for the mother of four.

Kim dropped by in her first talk show appearance since the milestone The Ellen DeGeneres Show to lift the lid on life as a single lady. And despite the chaos of the last few months in particular, she seems more refreshed than ever.

From the moment she sat down, Ellen wanted to hear about Kim’s brand new relationship with Pete Davidson. And as you may know, the unlikely duo recently marked a pretty special milestone.

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“I guess it’s not official until you post it,” Kim joked about going Instagram official with her new beau last week, which, as fans will know, was a long time coming.

“I have the cutest pictures of us and I want to be like, oh my god, we’re so cute. But then I’m like, don’t be so desperate. Don’t post so much, just give a glimpse,” she said, before she shared how she adapts to dating in the spotlight.

“I don’t know what the right thing to do is, I haven’t dated since Instagram came into existence. Yeah, I don’t know what the rules are,” she said, beaming from ear to ear.

Kim’s excitement when she spoke on the topic prompted Ellen to comment on the palpable change in her energy: “I see a shift in you, an ease for you, a very different side,” the host said.

And after a pretty rough start to the year, Kim said it “feels good” to find happiness in your 40s.

“I think it’s just in life, like, whatever it is, I just think I’m encouraging my friends and the people I love to just be happy. And I went for it,” she began.

“I was like, you know what? I’m in my 40s, like, fuck it, go for it. Find your happiness. I went for it and took my time. I found it and it feels so good,” Kim told and added: “I want to hold that forever.”

From her relaxed demeanor to her overall cheerfulness, Ellen was certainly right when she said this is the happiest we’ve seen Kim in a long time.

In fact, as her marriage to Kanye collapsed before her eyes in the course of 2020, Kim began to feel “numb” with grief and revealed during an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians that it had been years since she really felt herself.

With this in mind, Ellen isn’t the only one who has picked up on the total shift in Kim’s energy. After the interview surfaced online on Wednesday, social media flooded with comments about the mogul’s carefree glow.

“This is really shocking,” someone wrote below the clip on YouTube. “It’s like she’s a new person, she radiates so much new energy. I really hope she is happier.”

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‘She beams with happiness. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her so happy,” wrote another. “Good for her.”

“The way she GLOWS and RADIANTS and RADIANTS and SPRINGS with happiness just by talking about Pete literally makes my heart explode,” added someone else. “She deserves this happiness. Love them together!!!”

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Fans couldn’t help but notice that when Kim spoke about Pete, she embodied a rare form of vertigo that we don’t usually associate with the Kardashians and their orchestrated image — especially Kim, who prides herself on always being composed.

“Ah, she’s like a little schoolgirl,” someone commented. “I am very happy for her. I think Pete is one of those [breath of fresh] air for Kim. I really like them together.”

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They continued: “Pete is a good guy and I think for Kim to be with him is less pressure. It’s like she can just be herself and have fun. I like that pete [able to show] its the more ‘normal’ side of life. Kanye was just [too] a lot….”

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Others emphasized that Kim seemed to be thinking about her former self, with one fan speculating that she is now able to express her personality freely without molding herself to Kanye’s desires now that they are no longer together.

“I love her in this interview. So she and she isn’t trying so hard to be what Kanye wants her to be,” they said.

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Longtime Kardashian fans will know that over the course of their relationship, Ye had a big say in Kim’s overall image, even taking the credit for completely “revolutionizing” her style and making her the fashion icon she is today.

And while Ye’s influence worked in Kim’s favor throughout their marriage, her post-split style seems to epitomize this newfound sense of ease.

While she ditched her Yeezy sneakers in favor of $65 Vans in her casual looks, Kim’s hair has also undergone a transformation, reuniting with the glamorous updos she wore earlier in her career.

The tousled bun she chose for her appearance on Ellen is reminiscent of a pre-Kanye Kim, a far cry from the straight and sleek looks that came to define her Yeezy era.

In addition to her style, Kim’s overall sense of calm and control also seems to have reversed in the wake of her divorce.

While her interview answers were once clearly calculated and curated for the good of the Kimye brand, this time Kim’s answers to Ellen seemed much more engaging and natural, with heartfelt explanations and even accidental swearing.

In addition, it seems that after the divorce, Kim does not feel like embracing new things.

One of the main points of the interview was the revelation that Pete had strengthened their relationship by getting a number of tattoos in her honor. Not only that, but Kim revealed – with absolute delight, may we add – that the… Saturday Night Live star literally branded her name on his chest.

Obviously, if you’re a true Kardashian super fan, you’re very familiar with Kim’s negative attitude towards tattoos. But it sounds like her newfound sense of spontaneity has inspired a more open-minded view of getting ink.

In addition to his tattoos, the notoriously health-conscious Kim also seems to have accepted Pete’s smoking habits. In their recent Instagram debut, Pete can be seen holding a cigarette in hand as he snuggles up to Kim, who has previously said she thinks smoking “is”awful

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Even just yesterday, Kim – who notoriously hates performing in any way – shocked fans by uploading audio clips of herself singing out loud with her kids.

But if you’ve been keeping up with Kim’s post-split antics, you may have predicted her new, carefree approach to life.

Since their first outing at a theme park last fall, Kim and Pete have been spotted on a slew of laid-back dates. From budget-friendly pizza joints to trips to the mall, the duo have made it clear that even billionaires can enjoy the little things that life has to offer!

And Kim’s new approach to enjoying the smaller things in life is obviously at odds with how she and Ye worked. Grand gestures have been a big part of their relationship from the start — from renting out entire stadiums to giving private concerts at their homes.

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But away from the extravagance of their marriage, Kim had a deep desire for a more intimate partnership, based on common interests and an appreciation for the simpler things in life.

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“It’s the little things I don’t have,” Kim admitted during a conversation with Kris Jenner on the latest episode of KUWTK

“I have all the great things. I have [everything] extravagant you might imagine. And no one will ever do it like that [again]† I’m grateful for those experiences, but I think I’m ready for the smaller experiences that I think will mean a lot,” she continued.

Now fans are excited to see Kim truly living her best life with a newfound sense of freedom.

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