Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video for her son Wolf

And just like with her first pregnancy, Kylie documented her journey to eventually look back on. Earlier today, she released a nearly 10-minute video titled: to our son on YouTube, which was filled with home videos, doctor visits, family moments and more, all celebrating the arrival of their newborn baby.

Last September, Kylie teased part of the video on her Instagram, although the actual commentary in the official video was drowned out by music. And let me tell you, the conversations heard in the video make all the difference — I was an emotional wreck watching it.

The 24-year-old makeup mogul shares intimate details with fans, from a 3D ultrasound of baby wolf…

…to gain insight into what her desire for pregnancy looked like. Kylie revealed she had a penchant for steak and other red meats for lunch and dinner, along with a baked potato.

Plus, there was no shortage of Stormi content, which I loved! It was very sweet how they talked to Stormi about becoming a big sister and they asked her what she thought about possibly celebrating a birthday with her brother. Despite being young, they still understood that her opinion matters and that made me smile.

Travis and Kylie’s families dedicated heartfelt messages to Wolf, praising the couple for their parenting skills. Travis’ mother shared how fatherhood made her son a better person and how she admires Kylie’s love for Stormi.

And, of course, Kylie’s sisters showed up – each gushing over her and their newest nephew.

But the tears really started flowing when I heard Wolf’s first cry. In the video, Kylie has literally just given birth, the screen goes black and you hear Kylie, Travis and Kris Jenner’s first words to the baby. It was really a beautiful moment!

And by the end of the video, Kris pretty much summed up how I was feeling:

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