Labor to launch ‘on your side’ local elections battle | Work

Labor will launch its fight for local elections with the slogan “On your side”, urging voters to message Conservatives about the pain of the cost of living crisis and No. 10 lockdown breaches .

Keir Starmer will launch the party campaign in Bury, a symbolic location where a local MP, Christian Wakeford, defected from the Tories to Labor over Boris Johnson’s behavior during the Partygate investigation.

While the launch will focus entirely on the high bill prices and tax burden, Labor sources said the slogan was also intended to evoke the “one rule for them” feeling that the public had expressed amid the breaches revelations. on the lockdown.

The party will launch its campaign with a new analysis claiming families will be £2,620 worse off, even despite additional measures in Rishi Sunak’s spring statement to cut fuel taxes and raise the threshold for paying national insurance .

Starmer will point to the rise in utility bills and the rise in national insurance, saying Labor would cut people’s energy bills by up to £600 – financed by a windfall on the excess profits of the oil and gas companies.

Other campaigns will be launched in Worthing, a south coast town represented by two Conservative MPs where Labor hopes to take the council, and Derby, a Midlands town where Conservatives control the council.

“In exactly five weeks, you’ll have a chance to send the Tories a message they can’t ignore. A message Britain deserves better than the pathetic response we received to the conservative cost of living in the mini-budget,” Starmer will say.

“You know the reality – prices are going through the roof and wages are going through the floor. A conservative government that takes far more than it gives to working people. The biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s. Taxes highest in 1970s year.

“Even taking into account everything the Chancellor has announced, families are £2,620 worse off. Britain deserves better than this.”

Starmer will say that the British people “have no government on the side of businesses, working families and retirees”.

Labor will pledge to reform labor laws to ban conduct that has led to the layoff of 800 HR workers, and will pledge tougher action on crime with police centers in every neighborhood.

The party faces a tough election test with pressure to capitalize on the problems of the Tories’ Partygate. Labor’s lead in the poll has fallen from an average of eight to four points.

The Conservatives are also quietly hoping for some fresh wins, including in Sunderland’s totemic council, which would deal a blow to Labor’s chances of recovering in the red wall.

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