Leona Lewis’s Life Now, 15 Years After ‘Bleeding Love’.

Not to alarm you, but it’s been over 14 years since “Bleeding Love” was played five times an hour on every radio station in the country.

The power ballad was one of the biggest songs of the 2000s and if you can get past the fact that it haunted you for a whole year, it certainly still holds up today.

Leona Lewis is one of the most successful people to emerge from Simon Cowell’s x Factor franchisee. At the age of 20, she won the third British series in 2006. This earned her a recording contract with Cowell’s Syco Music.

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‘Bleeding Love’ was her second single, after her The X Factor winners single. It was released in late 2007 and became the biggest selling single in the UK that year. In the US, it was the best-selling song of 2008. It reached number one in 35 countries, including Australia.

So it’s no wonder that you can still remember all the words.

It was everywhere

In March 2022, Lewis’ name was back on the home pages of media outlets around the world after announcing she was pregnant with her first child.

So, what has the now 36-year-old been up to in the years since? Here’s everything you need to know.

Leona Lewis was catapulted to fame.

It’s rare for a star to have such a massive breakthrough as Lewis with ‘Bleeding Love’.

Although she had been on a major reality show, the huge success of the single gave Lewis a completely different level of fame.

As a result, she said she had withdrawn into her shell.

“I was catapulted to this fame that I never thought would happen and it was amazing,” she said the independent in 2015.

“But then the privacy just isn’t there, so to compensate I would choose my words very carefully because I had to keep a piece of myself for me and on top of that I had people saying ‘make sure you don’t do this in interviews’, ‘Don’t do that.’ You’re a 20-year-old and you just think, ‘Oh God, I should just shut up and say nothing’.”

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