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In honor of migrant-owned businesses, the Migration Museum in Lewisham is launching a new concept store entirely dedicated to selling migrant makers’ products. We are in the middle of one of the biggest refugee crises in decades and at the same time we see an increase in the number of shopping street closures. That’s why the Migrant Makers Market has arrived at such a relevant time, showing London the vibrancy and creativity that will be brought to retail when the borders remain open.

For the first time, shoppers can discover a world of makers, brands and companies that would otherwise be underrepresented on the high street. You can expect jewelry brand Iṣura, which celebrates the beauty of the African diaspora; Yi Crafts, which combines traditional Chinese costumes with Western clothing-making techniques; award-winning Guyanese hot sauce makers Pat & Pinky’s; and Goodordering, specialists in retro-style bicycle accessories.

There is also the opportunity to learn the stories of the entrepreneurs behind the brands as the market will appear alongside the museum’s latest exhibition, Arrange things – a look at the history of migrant businesses in the UK and how they have shaped life in Britain today. In addition, visitors can participate in the program of interactive workshops, including zine making, embroidery and coffee tasting.

Open on Monday 9 April 2022
Migration Museum, Lewisham Shopping Centre, London SE13 7HB

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