Lindsay Lohan says her siblings ‘definitely had it harder’ than most kids because of what she says ‘accidentally’ did

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Lindsay Lohan said she realized over time how important her family is to her — and she shared how her “siblings definitely had it harder” than most kids because of the things she said she “accidentally” had. done.

The 35-year-old actress opened up about a whole host of things during an interview with Vogue magazine for a piece called “Life In Looks,” and the “Mean Girls” star shared a clip in an Instagram post on Thursday.

She captioned the post: “I am so excited and honored to be part of my ‘Life in Looks’ from Vogue Magazine. The full video will be live on Vogue’s YouTube account and link in my bio , here are just a few excerpts from the interview.”


In the video, the “The Parent Trap” star talked about some of her more famous looks over the years, from her red carpet look for the 1998 Disney movie “The Parent Trap” premiere to the styles she wears. wore in her 2003 film “Freaky Friday” alongside costar Jamie Lee Curtis – and in “Mean Girls” the following year.

It’s during this throwback to her headline-making outfits, the superstar actress opened up about memories found she had with her brothers – Michael Lohan Jr. and Dakota Lohan – and sister Aliana Lohan. That starts here at 12:07 minutes.

“My family is so important to me, so whenever I get the chance to involve my sister and brother, and in everything I do,” Lohan said. “And my mother, I always seize the opportunity … those are the memories that count.”

“Growing up my siblings definitely had it harder than most kids their age because I was such a public figure they couldn’t really escape the results of the things I did, accidentally, in front of the public eye” she added. “So I feel like I really had to lead by example as I got older and learned from my mistakes.”

“Yeah, in time you realize how important family is, more than anything in the world,” Lohan continued.

The parents of the “Herbie Fully Loaded” star, Dina and Michael Lohan, divorced in 2007.

Lohan has had a rather checkered past after he rose to fame at the age of 12 in ‘The Parent Trap’. After that, she was in the headlines for years due to personal issues related to substance abuse and more.

She has spoken in the past about her parents’ troubled relationship and her own struggles after being arrested for drink-driving while in possession of cocaine — and another time with it in her system, Vanity Fair reported in 2010.

“I grew up very quickly just because of the situations I was exposed to because of my father,” Lindsay said. “My mom would try to protect me from that as much as possible, but I chose to be in the middle [of her parents] my whole life.”

In November 2021, the ‘Georgia Rule’ star shared life-changing news on social media in which she and her boyfriend Bader Shammas were engaged. She captioned her message: “My dear. My life. My family. My future. @bader.shammas #love.” The message also contained a diamond ring emoji.

Lohan essentially disappeared from the spotlight, save for a few elective roles, for over a decade. Recently, she’s made a comeback and will star in her first project when “Falling For Christmas” debuts on Netflix later this year.

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