Londoner who runs orphanage in Ukraine evacuates thousands from war zone


Londoner rescuing orphans from the horrors of war in Ukraine has criticized the British government for not doing enough to accommodate refugees, despite the UK’s relative wealth compared to Eastern Europe’s war-torn neighbors.

Jeremy Posen, 53, from north London, has helped rescue more than a thousand Ukrainians, including newborn babies and 270 orphans, from Odessa and get them across the border to Romania through his Tikva charity, which cares for vulnerable Jewish children in Ukraine .

“I think Europe as a whole has responded quite well to this sudden and colossal challenge. But the number of refugees is growing by the day and unfortunately the end of the war is not yet in sight.”

Jeremy Posen(R) ‘rescued babies just weeks old’ from Odessa


He said “heartbreaking” scenes at border crossings were reminiscent of early Eastern European evacuations at the outbreak of World War II.

He said: “We have spent many days and nights at border crossings that are sadly reminiscent of very dark times in our history.

“Families trudge across the border with only hand luggage, leaving their entire lives behind, heading for an entirely uncertain future.

“Very traumatized children, men of military age who say goodbye to their families with no idea if and when they will see them again, all this in the freezing cold and having fled for their lives the hours before.”

He said the full extent of the tragic invasion “has yet to sink in” among the local population.

A sleeping girl is brought to safety from Ukraine


“A woman we rescued from Kharkov, a mother of one of the children in our care, came to me distraught and showed me pictures of her badly damaged apartment.

“There was a gaping hole in a wall, windows flew out, furniture shredded and family photos were thrown on the floor, all as a result of bombing or shelling.

“She kept repeating, as if in a daze: ‘I have nothing left. Nothing. What should I do now?’

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