Londoners can befriend the elderly to end loneliness with penpal scheme

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donors can now send elderly people personalized letters in an effort to end loneliness in care homes with a new penpal service.

According to research by Age UK, approximately 1.4 million elderly people in the UK are often lonely.

Feelings of loneliness were exacerbated by Covid-19 restrictions and restrictions on social mixing.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic has left many, many more elderly people lonely,” said a recent report from Age UK.

To help fight loneliness, Lottie has launched a penpal initiative to “brighten the days of older residents by connecting locals with isolated seniors in the neighborhood through the lost art of letter-writing”.

Launched during the pandemic, the service aims to connect local people with isolated residents.

It allows older people to make new friends within the community.

Lillian, of Marham House Care Home, said she found it “very reassuring” when she received the letter.

She added: “You think someone is thinking about you.”

Lottie co-founder Will Donnelly said: “The penpal plan has already brought great happiness to residents and we hope it will feel extra special for both recipients and senders of penpals to meet someone in their own area and develop a friendship.

“Loneliness is not age-related; we can all experience this. So to think that we can connect two people in one area and put a smile on both their faces is really worth doing for us.”

Anyone can search for a house in their neighborhood via the online platform and write to the house with the return address.

Staff then hand out the letter to a resident in need.

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