Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 8 Recap


The series remains great, but at least it strives for an end with the characters. Well, we hope that’s the case.

This recap of the Netflix K drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 Episode 8 contains spoilers.

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While this series has turned out to be insane, I hope it ends well for the women (and Seo Ban). They all deserve happiness, and the foreshadowing in the writing suggests that this is what the writers strive for.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 3 episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens with Hye-ryung startled to see Song Won’s ghost while caring for her newborn baby. Meanwhile, Sa-hyeon tells how much he misses Song Won – he is still in the early stages of his grieving process. We have to feel a little sorry for him at this stage – losing someone you love is a traumatic experience, but losing that person unexpectedly and being left with a newborn baby that you should be raising together is a dizzying and sad experience.

Pi-young calls A-mi, and it is revealed that Ji-a found out about A-mi and Yu-sin. A-mi warns that her daughter was surprisingly calm, but doesn’t want to see her father again. Yu-sin is devastated. Pi-young talks to her daughter Ji-a about what she has learned and wants her to see her father again. Ji-a bursts into tears and wonders why her father could do this to the family. Pi-young teaches her daughter about hardship and dealing with her emotions. She wants her daughter to be a strong, independent woman, and it’s good that they give this angle to this mother-daughter relationship.

Seo Ban meets his father and he is interested in his love life. There is tension between them because they haven’t seen each other for years. The father tells Seo Ban that he should choose a woman after hearing about Si-eun. Later, Dong-ma meets his father – the father teases in Seo Ban’s upcoming wedding, but Dong-ma tells him it’s his life. We have to admire Seo Ban’s tenacity to stand up for himself despite pressure from his father and brother. It is undoubtedly a dysfunctional family, and it would have been good if the series focused more on the dynamics between the father and his sons.

As we get closer to the end of Episode 8, Seo Ban takes Si-eun and her kids on a Christmas ski vacation. They’re all having a good time, and it feels like they deserve it after all the uncertainty. Seo Ban puts a lot of effort into playing the stepfather role. Meanwhile, Dong-ma comes home early from Germany to surprise Pi-young for Christmas. They missed each other and it is a pleasant surprise for Pi-young. Dong-ma hands her a bag full of presents.

The end

Episode 8 ends in strange circumstances, which is not surprising at this stage.

Ji-a goes on a skiing holiday with Dong-mi, A-mi and Yu-sin. This leaves Pi-young available to spend time with Dong-ma before Christmas. Dong-ma picks her up in a flashy car. During the meal, Dong-ma asks Pi-young about a wedding venue, but she’s still unsure of a lifelong commitment (and who’s to blame). Dong-ma continues to reassure her. In the end, the pair passionately kiss each other again. Dong-ma enters Pi-young’s apartment and hugs her to end the night.

The episode ends with focusing on the Dong-mi – she wakes up in the middle of the night, grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting her hair in the bathroom mirror. Why? We have no idea.

The series remains great, but at least it strives for an end with the characters. Well, we hope that’s the case.

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