LPG cylinder price update: Commercial cylinder prices see a cut amid festive rush. Check new rates here

In a move that will bring massive relief to the common man amid the festive rush, the price of 19-kg commercial LPG cylinder has been slashed by Rs 25 with immediate effect. The oil marketing companies will now charge Rs 1,859 for the cylinder in Delhi, instead of Rs 1,885. However, there was no change in the rates of domestic LPG cylinders used in households.  

The prices in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai, have been revised to Rs 1,959 Rs 1,811.50, Rs 2,009.50, respectively. LPG rates vary from city to city and are reviewed every month. Any changes in prices are implemented on the first day of each month. 

Metros Prices Previous Prices
Delhi Rs 1859.50 Rs 1885
Kolkata Rs 1959.00 Rs 1995.50 
Mumbai Rs 1811.50 Rs 1844 
Chennai Rs 2009.50 Rs 2045

In the month of September, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders were reduced by Rs 91.50. Before that, on July 6, the rates were revised and the prices were cut by Rs 8.5 per unit.  

The cost of a domestic cylinder (14.2 kg) has been unchanged since a hike of Rs 50 on July 6. Before that, the prices for domestic cylinders were revised on May 19, 2022. 

Cap on domestic cylinders 

As per news reports, the government is trying to bring in a new rule where customers can only buy 15 cylinders in a year. The monthly rationing on LPG bottle will be 2 cylinders per month. Till now, there was such no quota on buying LPG domestic cylinders. 

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