Luke Van Os from Home and Away reveals secrets behind the scenes

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Luke Van Os, Channel 7’s newest actor home and away, shared some behind-the-scenes footage that has stunned fans.

Many have expressed a false surprise that the “houses” where the show is filmed are in fact sets.

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Luke plays Xander Delaney, the half brother of Sam Frost’s character, Jasmine.

On his first day of filming, he posted a video on TikTok in which Sam walks through a scene on set with other actors Lynne McGranger and Nicholas Cartwright.

Luke called it “the best job ever,” in his caption.

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Fans claimed to be stunned to see the sets and the behind-the-scenes action.

‘Wait, aren’t the houses real? I’m shocked,” one said ironically in the video’s commentary section.

“I’ve been watching from episode one and you’re just now telling me the houses aren’t real…” another joked.

Behind the scenes of Home and Away. Credit: TikTok

Luke follows in his cousin Chris Hemsworth’s footsteps by joining Home and away.

Chris Hemsworth on Home and Away.
Chris Hemsworth on Home and Away. Credit: seven

Chris played Kim Hyde on the show between 2004 and 2007.

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