‘Maeve’s Law’ Passes Senate Hurdle to Legalize Mitochondrial Donation Through IVF

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Mitochondrial donation becomes legal in Australia, with a controversial bill passed by the Senate after a vote of conscience.

A bill to allow the technology under the so-called “Maeve’s Law” was passed last night by 37 votes to 17.

The act was named in honor of a little girl named Maeve Hood, who has severe mitochondrial disease.

Supporters, from bereaved families to scientific heavyweights, are celebrating the decision.

But other experts are calling for caution, with some arguing that the decision to legalize the technology was premature.

Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt was an outspoken supporter of the bill.

In a statement posted on Twitter Wednesday night, he acknowledged Maeve and her mother, Sarah, who live in his electorate and have inspired the bill.

“It is the world’s leading mitochondrial legislation to give hope to families across Australia,” said Mr Hunt.

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