Maks Chmerkovskiy returns to Poland as war in Ukraine gets ‘worse’

Maxim Khmerkovskiy. Kristin Callahan/Ace/Shutterstock

The next step. Maks Khmerkovskiy shared an update on how he is helping those in need during the war in Ukraine after returning abroad.

The 42-year-old ballroom dancer went live on Instagram on Sunday, March 20, reassuring fans that he is doing well after spending time with his wife in Los Angeles. Map of Murgatroydand son Shai, 5. “We’ve been working on tangible opportunities to help,” he explained.

Ukrainian native Chmerkovskiy spoke for 14 minutes about fundraising and charities – including his Baranova27 relief project – that take in refugees. The former Dancing with the stars pro launched its GoFundMe page earlier this month and has since raised more than $138,000 for other Ukrainians.

The choreographer revealed that he is in Warsaw, Poland, where he stayed shortly after fleeing Ukraine in February. When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, Khmerkovskiy was filming there world of dance† As the crisis continues, burn the floor performer urged his followers not to close their eyes to the fight.

†[Things] didn’t end or slow down – it got worse in Ukraine,” he explained on Sunday. “I want everyone to understand what that means because everything that happened happened fast, and it was traumatic and it was global and everything. But right now it’s getting worse. [The] humanitarian crisis worsens. People are getting hurt worse, more people are injured and more people are affected.”

The former mirror ball champion described his experience in Poland, noting that cities “run out of space” to help accommodate refugees. “This is a real problem. A few cities have already announced that they can no longer accept refugees,” he said. “Currently where I am in Warsaw, right in the center, everywhere you go is Ukrainian. Everyone is a refugee.”

Chmerkovskiy concluded: “I would very, very much like you to give yourselves a day off. Tune in, go to church, spend time with your family. Do your thing. But please come back to us and come back to [the] realize that many people still need our help, and we must continue to provide this support, because we have now shown Ukraine as a world that we can do it all together, and we should probably continue to do so.”

Before her husband made his impassioned plea, Murgatroyd, 35, wished him safe travels via her Instagram story. “I miss you already,” she captioned a photo of Chmerkovskiy and Shai.

The New Zealand resident previously described her emotional reunion with her husband when he returned to California earlier this month. “I’ve never hugged him so tightly,” she captioned a photo on Instagram. “Trembling and eternally grateful. Now it’s time to heal. We can’t go back to our normal. Our lives have changed forever. We have a new normal, and that’s okay.”

Chmerkovskiy was home for less than three weeks before returning to Poland. “I spent the last few days feeling remorseful for the survivor,” he told CNN on March 7, when he said he hoped to join “efforts on the ground” as a way of making his safe escape.” justify”. “It wasn’t really a decision to leave, it was more like being told to go.”

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