Matisse Thybulle is ‘ineligible to play’ the 76ers’ next game in Toronto, elevating questions about his playoff availability

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It’s been a tough season for Joel Embiid and the 76ers impartial nowadays.

After a blazing birth up with the newly-obtained James Harden after the All-Smartly-known particular person Ruin, where they sat shut to the tip of the East, Philadelphia is lawful (positive, lawful) 10-6 in their closing 16 video games. In a conventional stretch of a season, that’s a solid month or so speed. Whereas you’re in a 3-skill with the Celtics and Heat for the No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 seeds, respectively: Any minute mistake may possibly well well spell out first-round doom.

No person acknowledged that minute mistake is doubtless the provide of fair participant-reduce-key-wing-defender Matisse Thybulle in a vital Thursday game.

Wait, what does “ineligible to play” imply? I’m no longer positive I’ve viewed that descriptor on an hurt represent previous to. Oh, wait: The 76ers’ game against the Raptors is in Toronto.

You realize, the associated Toronto in Canada? That associated Canada that doesn’t enable of us unvaccinated against COVID-19 all over their borders?

This downside, whereas unconfirmed, may possibly well well add up for Thybulle.

The 76ers get grasp of no longer confirmed whether or no longer or no longer Thybulle is unvaccinated against COVID-19. However “ineligible to play” is a recent one and a stipulation that totally didn’t follow in any of their recent boulevard video games in Indianapolis and Cleveland — each, particularly, on the main United States landmass.

Whatever is adverse with Thybulle, his order does ticket a doable stroke of inappropriate success for the 76ers if it continues. If Philadelphia doesn’t shift out of the most up-to-date No. 4 seed by the tip of the everyday season, they are going to play the No. 5 Raptors within the principle round.

Which implies a doable three boulevard video games in Toronto, which, again, is in Canada. None of this mess is glorious, but when has anything ever been simple for the 76ers?

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