Max Scherzer just threw TWO PITCHES in his spring training debut

I’m mainly sharing this because it’s one of those things that made me scream WUT when I saw it.

In his Spring Training DEBUT, Max Scherzer threw 72(!) pitches for the Mets today:

That seems like A LOT.

To be sure, Scherzer has previously suggested that he is better the more he throws, and I have NO DOUBT that he spearheaded the plan that made him throw so much in his first Spring Training game. In addition, he was undoubtedly working on a specific contingency plan that had him in this spot on March 21.

But it’s still really wild to write in the morning about how the Cubs hope to get Wade Miley (as an example) to 40 pitches by the end of Spring Training, and then Scherzer does this. He’s just crazy. Remember when he broke his nose on a BP bunt and then was throwing THAT NIGHT?

Scherzer, 37, signed a $130 million three-year deal with the Mets this offseason, shattering some records. It is clear that he is expected to remain such an insane freak for a long time to come.

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