Meghan Markle accused of ‘trying to make a fortune’ from royal family connection

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Meghan Markle accused of ‘trying to make a fortune’ from royal family connection

Meghan Markle gets beat up for her upcoming Archetypes podcast.

Jan Moir, writing for the Daily Mail, says Meghan Markle’s upcoming podcast, Archetypes, is being used by the Duchess to fuel her feud with the royal family.

The series, called Archetypes, will be launched soon, with Meghan promising to use the broadcasts to look at the way women are portrayed in the media and at ‘the labels that are trying to hold them back’. Uh-oh.

“Is it so terribly wrong and evil of me to imagine a series of grim, serious conversations in which the underlying theme is the Martyr’s Duchess herself, and the terrible, terrible life she’s had since joining the British royal family and stepped down as a working member of the British royal family and is trying to make a fortune from her association with the British royal family?

“Is it so very, very awful to suggest that a better and more accurate title for the podcast series would be ‘The One Where I Get Even With Every Bad B*tch Who Ever B*tched About Me’?” she mocked

Moir accuses Meghan of the need to stay in the spotlight, adding: “As is so often the case with the Sussexes, one is torn between them applauding a beautiful installment of pure altruism where the whole world will benefit from, or wonder if what they’re doing is just some cold, legacy-building, myth-checking PR?”

She then mocks the podcast’s title, adding that Meghan has a “need” to rebrand herself with her son’s name.

Meghan promises Archetypes will feature ‘uncensored conversations’ with historians, experts and women ‘who know all too well’ that being categorized can influence and change the stories.

“Of course she doesn’t mean archetypes: she means stereotypes. But that would also mean she should have named her son Stereo, and in the rush to trademark everything ‘Arch’, she probably didn’t think of that. I digress.

“Anyway, archetypes, stereotypes, media types — call them what you will, it’s all going to be awesome.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what typed women the Martyr Duchess will find worthy of scrutiny, while I wonder if Evil Half-Sister, Grandma Moneypot and Jealous Sister-In-Law will make it.

She concludes, “I’m especially looking forward to the episode where Meghan will have an uncensored conversation with herself about stereotypical women and her own role in the survival of so many of them.”

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