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Prince Harry and Meghan want ‘publicity’ says Cohen

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been tipped to take the stage at the awards ceremony, which attracted some 9.23 million viewers in 2021. But they have a fraught relationship with media attention and said they wanted to see a different dynamic with the public eye after stepping back from the royal family.

Activist and journalist Darren Grimes despised the Duke and Duchess’s insistence on privacy in light of their reported performance on stage for the Oscars.

The British news presenter tweeted: “I wish the media would leave this selfless couple alone to hand out Hollywood awards in privacy to an audience of millions!!!”

Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan, 40, could present the top prize at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Sunday.

A source in the US claimed that Harry and Meghan were initially approached two years ago but “politely declined” to award an award.

Harry and Meghan have a fraught relationship with media coverage (Image: Getty)

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They sought a different dynamic with the public eye after taking a step back from royal life (Image: Getty)

They added: “Obviously they would be a massive coup this year and could use their looks to deliver a passionate speech of their choice, most likely Ukraine.”

The Duke and Duchess have made donations through their Archewell Foundation to several charities that support humanitarian work in war-torn Ukraine.

The US source went on to say that the Duke and Duchess hosting part of the awards ceremony would be “the icing on the cake” for the producers of the Oscars.

They said, “Show producers Will Packer and Shayla Cowan lined up some great A-list names to take to the stage and Harry and Meghan would be the icing on the cake.”

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Prince Harry will not return to the UK for a memorial service for his late grandfather (Image: Getty)

But the source cited the recent controversy over which events the Duke of Sussex chooses to attend as a key reason the pair wouldn’t stand up to present the award at the Dolby Theatre.

They said: “It’s still up in the air, but in all likelihood – especially in the wake of the recent publicity – Harry won’t be there.

“It would be seen as a final kick in the teeth for the Royal Family if he did – he’s too nervous to fly to London without police protection, but he’s happy to get up live in front of a huge audience in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Not a great view.”

A spokesman for the Duke of Sussex confirmed earlier this month that Prince Harry would not return to the UK for a memorial service in honor of his late grandfather, Prince Philip.

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Only 30 people were allowed to attend Prince Philip’s funeral at the time (Image: Getty)

The Duke of Sussex’s return to the UK has been complicated by the ongoing legal battle over police protection for the Sussex people should they return to British soil.

The Duke of Edinburgh died in April 2021 at the age of 99.

The service, which looks into the life of Prince Philip, will take place on Tuesday, March 29 at Westminster Abbey.

A number of leading European royals have confirmed their attendance, offering guests the chance to reflect on the Duke of Edinburgh’s achievements.

At the time, only 30 people were allowed to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, due to coronavirus restrictions enforced last year.

The Queen hopes to attend her late husband’s Thanksgiving service, despite a number of absences from royal engagements in recent months.

The Queen, who turns 96 in April, last appeared at Westminster Abbey with a walking stick and has since tested positive and recovered from COVID-19.

The Mirror’s Royal Editor, Russell Myers, told The Royal Beat that the Queen’s presence “hanged in the balance” because she had “less good days”.

He said: “Just weeks away from 96, she has accepted her own limitations.

“She has trouble moving, [and is] described by people in the palace as good days and bad days.

“I don’t think we’ll ever see her take a step back, but we’ll probably see her less and less.

“Will she be attending Prince Philip’s memorial service in a few days? That’s in the balance.”

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