Moon Knight’s Oscar Isaac Had Doubts About Joining the MCU

In the new Marvel Disney Plus series Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac stars as his titular hero, a troubled mercenary whose identities are divided between two personalities: grizzled tough guy Marc Spector and shy geek Steven Grant, both vying for control while they try to save the world from a supernatural threat.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Isaac in the defiant pivotal role – but the actor has now revealed that he had serious doubts about signing another massive franchise so soon after leaving Star Wars.

“For me, it was all reservations,” Isaac told “It was months where I hit my head against a brick wall like, ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ I thought, “I shouldn’t do it. Maybe maybe…”

“I was just kind of out of, you know, the big machinery of Star Wars. And I thought, ‘I just want to do character studies. And I don’t know.’”

However, the more Isaac thought about the story Moon Knight could tell, the harder it was to get out of his head.

“I couldn’t help but feel there was this opportunity there,” he told us.

“That’s the risk, sometimes you have an idea of ​​what you want to do. And then something comes to you. And I kept thinking about it.

“And then Steven Grant suddenly started appearing in front of me, and I started doing it in the house for my kids and my wife, and they kept asking me to do it. And I thought, ‘Okay, maybe there’s something here. †

Oscar Isaac plays Moon Knight

Apparently Isaac’s clunky, British take on the character was radically different from the version Marvel pitched him, but when he suggested the changes, Marvel supremo Kevin Feige was thrilled.

“It wasn’t necessarily written that way,” he explained. “And so I thought, ‘Okay, let me see what Kevin has to say about this.’ And so I had a meeting with Kevin, I said, ‘This is how I’d like to do it.’ And he said, “Yeah, okay, go for it.”

“And it’s funny because afterwards he told me they didn’t know what the hell I was doing. And they weren’t sure it would work. But you know, in the end I’m glad we did because everyone says it kind of makes the show.”

All in all, it sounds like it was quite a long and collaborative process to get Isaac on board – and with the series debuting soon, he says he’s glad he took the risk of getting involved.

“It took a lot of effort to figure out if this was the right choice and to take that risk,” he said.

“But part of that was also getting the people I came to trust. And what was great about Kevin and everyone at Marvel is that there was a lot of faith and a lot of trust in my opinion about it and my feelings about it.

“So please talk to [director] Muhammad [Diab] about where we wanted the story to go, getting Ethan [Hawke] to be a part of it. And already it started to become a very personal story.

“Because all those things push it in the hope of what it could be…if that makes sense.”

Moon Knight starts on Disney Plus on Wednesday 30th March, with new episodes on Wednesday – sign up now to Disney Plus for £7.99 per month or £79.90 per year.

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