Mozilla releases Firefox version 100

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Mozilla has released the latest version of its web browser, Firefox version 100, with new features added to its operating system, TechRadar reported. The web browser, introduced in 2004, has been an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It has faded in recent years due to the greater visibility of Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft’s Edge web browser.

Mozilla has added various features in the update, which are available on Windows 11, macOS, Android and iOS.


The new version has a picture-in-picture mode, which works similar to Apple’s Safari browser. With the feature, a video pops out of the app and allows users to continue watching it while browsing other apps. The subtitles and captions features which have been added to the latest version, will initially be available on three websites — YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix — besides websites that support the WebVTT format like and Twitter, according to a Mozilla blog post.

The picture-in-picture mode, subtitles feature and support for Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video could tempt users to switch to Firefox, TechRadar report added. Apple’s debut of picture-in-picture mode does not support users to scrub the timeline of videos and navigate the video display anywhere on the iOS display.

Two new wallpapers — Beach vibes and Twilight hills — are available globally.  An HTTPS setting has been added to provide Android users an extra layer of security while browsing. A new first-run language switcher feature lets select users choose their preferred language. Mozilla will also extend the clutter-free history and clutter-free tabs available on Android to iOS this week, according to the blog post.

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May 04, 2022

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