Netflix viewers must turn off after ‘disturbing’ sex scene while warning others

Brand new Cherry Flavor viewers have warned Netflix subscribers against watching the graphic and “disturbing” sex scene.

Although the series was released in August 2021, it has once again received a lot of attention after a viral TikTok warned people not to watch the short snippet.

Many TikTok users, including famous faces like Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka, decided to give the clip a watch to see how “troubling” the scene was — and many people were left in utter shock after watching it.

Footage from the horror drama featured a particularly unusual sex scene, with the viral TikTok clip describing it as the most “messed up” sex scene ever.

The horror drama certainly got a lot of attention

The series is based on a 1996 book that tells the story of director Lisa Nova, who was struck by a horrific curse when she regurgitated newborn kittens, which are then collected by a zombie and delivered to a witch.

The storyline itself can be confusing to fans, but the thing that really made a lot of viewers turn off their TV was a sex scene in episode four.

Nova found a wound on her stomach that horrified her at first, but when she started touching it, it seems to turn her on.

Moments later, she screams in pain as a newborn kitten is born on the spot, but as she is comforted by partner Roy, he begins to touch the wound before putting his whole hand in it – which seemed to excite her further.

Sharon Gaffka did a blind reaction video
Sharon Gaffka did a blind reaction video

As she gets more aroused, the scene eventually led to the couple having sex in a motel room.

Viewers were totally stunned by the scene, with Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka jumping on the trend as she filmed her blind reaction to the episode.

Sharon’s jaw dropped immediately as she realized what was going on when she captioned the clip, “I need to talk to my therapist about this… Never do things again. EVER!”

Netflix viewers were terrified
Netflix viewers were terrified

Her followers jumped in to comment on the scene when one person wrote, “I really thought everyone overreacted until I went to watch. I’ll never be the same again.”

Another said: “I should have minded my own business…”

A third wrote: “I feel so sick now, why did I have to be curious.”

The TV series is currently available on Netflix.

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