New in Paperback: ‘Caul Baby’ and ‘While Justice Sleeps’

Bestinau got that-

WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS by Stacey Abrams. (Anchor, 480 pp., $17.) In this legal thriller, a young clerk gets a whiff of a dangerous conspiracy in Washington after the Supreme Court judge she works for falls into a coma. “Those who yearn for dangers and surprises will find them in abundance,” said our reviewer, Richard North Patterson.

WE OWN THIS CITY: A True Story of Crime, Police and Corruption by Justin Fenton. (Random House, 352 pp., $18.99.) A Baltimore investigative reporter follows the rise and fall of the city’s Gun Trace Task Force, a group of cops who have spent years robbing drug dealers, selling narcotics, collecting evidence and defrauding taxpayers. As our reviewer, Maurice Chammah, put it: Fenton “shows how, in our zeal to fight crime, we’ve allowed institutions to produce it.”

CAUL BABY by Morgan Jerkins. (Harper Perennial, 352 pp., $16.99.) This debut novel follows the women of a Harlem family who survive by selling their ‘caul’, their magical, restorative skin, to the customers in their gentrifying neighborhood. As our reviewer, Jamie Figueroa, noted, Jerkins excels at “transmitting the life-giving and life-sustaining power of black women’s bodies and the consanguinity between them.”

A WORLD ON THE WING: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul. (Norton, 416 pp., $18.95.) A renowned naturalist analyzes the world of bird migration and describes the struggle to preserve global migration patterns in the face of climate change. According to our reviewer, Christian Cooper, the success of Weidensaul’s report “compares to the astonishing feats of the birds he describes.”

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