Newborn baby under seven rescued from Holy Island raised after crossing at unsafe time

Seven people, including a newborn baby, had to be rescued from the Holy Island causeway after attempting to cross at an unsafe and dangerous time.

The group attempted to cross the popular Northumberland causeway by car outside of safe crossing times and during high spring tides. Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat, as well as the Coastguard were launched to assist the group that allegedly waded through the water.

The group was forced to abandon their vehicle on the causeway, but managed to reach Holy Island safely, where they were handed over to the care of the Coast Guard.

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Visitors to the island are reminded not to attempt to cross the causeway outside the designated safe crossing times.

Seahouses Lifeboat Station said: “At 2:22 p.m. on Saturday, March 19, 2022, the UK Coast Guard requested the immediate and urgent launch of Seahouses Inshore Lifeboat to assist six people and a newborn baby reported in the water while attempting the elevated to cross the road by car, outside the safe crossing times. The HM Coastguard Holy Island was also mobilized.

Safe crossing times for Saturday 19/03/2022 were from 7:05 AM to 1:20 PM and from 7:25 PM to 1:40 AM (Sun). High water on Holy Island that day was 3:29 PM (high spring tide). would wade through the water, on the Holy Island side of the Refuge Box, after leaving their vehicle in the water on the Causeway.

“The Inshore Lifeboat was launched quickly and made best speed towards Holy Island. Shortly after launch, it was confirmed that the victims had reached Holy Island safely and were under the safe care of Holy Island Coastguards.

“The Inshore Lifeboat was dropped off and returned to the station.”

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