NSW records 22,107 COVID-19 cases, Victoria 11,292; deaths and hospitalizations are increasing

Seventeen were killed in NSW. This is the highest number observed in more than a month, when 21 deaths were recorded on February 20, 2022.

The state clocked 22,107 new COVID-19 cases, slightly less than the 25,235 cases yesterday.

Ambulances at RPA Hospital Emergency in Sydney. (Anna Kucera)

Four deaths were recorded in Victoria, where 11,292 cases were recorded.

This is also a decrease as 11,749 were registered yesterday.

Hospital admissions have increased in both states, with 1,326 new admissions in NSW and 312 in Victoria.

There are 39 people in intensive care in NSW and 14 in Victoria.

The new figures come after NSW registered, while Victoria

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