OnlyFans-inspired group selling nude photos to raise money for Ukraine military

A web site inspired by OnlyFans is inviting users to donate money and receive a nude photo in return — with the proceeds going to fund Ukraine’s war effort and resettle people displaced by the Russian invasion of the Eastern European country.

Users log into the site, TerOnlyFans, and contribute a sum of money to one of several bank accounts linked to the Ukrainian armed forces as well as humanitarian groups. They then must send a screenshot of the donation receipt to one of the “initiative participants.”

After the screenshot is verified, the donor receives a photo of one of 35 women and three men as a “gift.” The participants are all volunteers.

Nastsassia Nasko told Insider that she came up with the idea to create TerOnlyFans just days after Russian troops launched their invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Nasko, 23, took to Twitter to ask if anyone with a car could help evacuate an acquaintance out of the besieged town of Kharkiv. When she received no response, she half-jokingly wrote that she would be willing to send a nude photo of herself to whoever was able to help.

The site was founded to aid the effort to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which is in its fourth month.
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In less than five minutes, she had more than 10 messages in her inbox. After she sent a naked picture of herself to a man, the acquaintance was safely driven out of Kharkiv.

This led Nasko and her friend, Anastasiya Kuchmenko to launch TerOnlyFans — a play on words combining “Ter”, which is short for “territorial defense,” with OnlyFans.

Nasko told Insider that in the three months since it launched, TerOnlyFans has raised more than $700,000.

She said that most of the donors are based in Ukraine, though some have given from Holland, France, and the United Kingdom.

Nasko said the largest ever donation was a $2,800 gift made in cryptocurrency.

Unlike OnlyFans, the subscription service in which users are treated to more explicit content the more money they give, TerOnlyFans doesn’t allow donors to make requests.

Dozens of Ukrainian women and a few men volunteer to send nude pics of themselves in order to solicit donations online.
Dozens of Ukrainian women and a few men volunteer to send nude pics of themselves in order to solicit donations online.

“We are not sex workers, we are trying to raise money for the war,” Nasko told Insider.

Nasko, a native of Belarus, was living in Kyiv at the start of the war. Since then, she left the Ukrainian capital and moved into an apartment in Warsaw, Poland, where she works as a marketing manager for an esports company.

Kuchmenko, who decided to remain in Kyiv, jointly runs TerOnlyFans with Nasko.

The two keep busy by promoting the site through the encrypted messaging app Telegram. Nasko said they have no plans to stop as long as the invasion continues.

“We will end this project when Putin dies and Russia stops their aggression,” she said.

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