Ontario Premier Doug Ford Travels to Washington, DC on Business Trip

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is traveling across the border for the first time since the pandemic began in an effort to promote the province as a major trading partner with the United States.

Ford, along with Secretary of Economic Development Vic Fedeli, will meet with top officials within the Joe Biden administration in Washington, DC, on March 21.

Some of those officials include Marisa Lago, the Secretary of State for International Trade; Daniel Watson, the Assistant US Trade Representative for the Western Hemisphere and Kirsten Hill, Canada’s Ambassador to the US

“As we recruit more skilled workers and build the roads, highways, bridges and transit necessary to drive our economy forward, we are meeting some of our closest partners to reaffirm the unparalleled potential of Ontario’s economy,” Ford said in a press release issued Sunday.

“That’s why it’s so important that we reject Buy American measures and instead continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure that our highly integrated economies become stronger than ever.”

During the pandemic, the prime minister has spoken out about the impact of the United States’ “damaging protectionist policies” on the ontarians. export of the manufacturing giant 3M’s N95 face masks to Canada.

“I get it, he thinks ‘I have to take care of my own people,’ but we are connected,” Ford said at the time. Months later, the Prime Minister began touting Ontario manufacturers of personal protective equipment and unveiling a new program aimed at promoting locally made products.

The following year, Ford made headlines again for offering to drive to the United States to pick up doses of the Pfizer vaccine at their Michigan plant, following delays at European facilities. He claimed at the time that the vaccines manufactured in Michigan were reserved for Americans and that he had pleaded with newly inaugurated US President Joe Biden to save a million vaccines for Ontario residents.

According to a press release, the prime minister’s visit to Washington on Monday will focus on how governments can “work together to protect and strengthen an integrated economy that employs millions of workers on both sides of the border.”

Ford and Fedeli will also participate in a roundtable hosted by the Canadian American Business Council.

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