Packers News: Farewell, Davante Adams

We are now in the fourth full day of life after Davante Adams. How do we feel, Packers fans?

While fans are all in various stages of the mourning cycle after the Packers traded out their top receiver on Thursday, football business continues as usual and Green Bay now faces its second week of free choice in the hunt for a new wide receiver.

The news isn’t all bad in Titletown, as Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas re-signed to a three-year deal and Robert Tongan signed a one-year deal while recovering from a torn ACL. That means the Packers are still content with getting the band back together despite losing their lead guitarist in Adams.

So how are the Packers going to replace Adams? Well, they do have options, but none of them are the same as keeping the best receiver in football. There are options for free agents in names like Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, and Will Fuller. They can also trade for someone (DK Metcalf maybe, if Seattle really blows things up). There is of course also the draft where the Packers can use their hefty draft capital to provide Aaron Rodgers with a new, young pass catcher.

The draft appears to be the best option, even though Green Bay hasn’t picked a first-round recipient in decades. With two choices in the first round, logic seems to dictate that they have no choice.

While fans continue to wonder how this happened, think about the positives that could come from this: The Packers will likely be able to use those four picks in the first two rounds to build their roster for the long haul, as they their signings are still focused on the short term. This will, in theory, give whoever replaces Rodgers a good young core around him, while also keeping good players around Rodgers while he is still playing.

It’s a win-win, even if it hurts now.

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These are very difficult decisions to make, but it must have become clear to the Packers that the relationship with Adams was beyond repair and it was good for the Packers to make good choices in return. Adams gets to play with his longtime college quarterback, and the Packers can now build a roster designed to win now and in the future with the extra draft picks.

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Adams, for his part, did not forget what the Packers had done for him and wrote a long and stylish goodbye on his Instagram as soon as the transaction was finalized. You will be missed, Tae!

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In any case, the Packers are not yet in a corner when it comes to replacing Adams, even if the talent level will be a drop anyway (unless Julio Jones has more in the tank. That would be a nice surprise).

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Count on the Olave hype. A shrewd trail runner and able to keep up with a scrambling quarterback show, he could fit right in on a Rodgers-led charge.

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